Lapel Pins, Custom Made Pins At Wholesale Prices

We specialise in the best range of customised and bespoke manufactured lapel pins in Australia. With all kind of options including enamel pins, epoxy dome finish, custom shapes and sizes all with low minimum order quantities. We won't be matched on price, quality or turnaround time, request a quote now.

How to Choose Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have a long and storied history of representing meaningful events, places, and people to those sporting them. Custom lapel pins are one of the oldest forms of promotional items still in use today and with good reason. They are inexpensive to produce but make much more of a statement than today's throwaway pens, key chains, and other goods. They can be used to indicate membership, express school spirit, improve corporate brand recognition, and more.

If an organisation, business, non-profit, or event has a logo, we can use it to create a high-quality yet inexpensive promotional lapel pin. Plus, ordering from an experienced producer of high-quality custom promotional goods makes it easy to design the perfect product. Curious about getting started? First, read through the article below to find out more about different types of pins. It will help clients get an idea of what they are looking for. If your still looking for a more ecomical option then try our range of branded button badges

Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins are created by striking a die of the client's custom design onto a sheet of thin metal. This stamped metal will, as a result, have areas that are recessed or raised to make it easy to plate the pin with silver or gold. This variety of pin is ideal for clients who want a colourless pin that makes an elegant statement. Those ordering custom-designed pins can choose to have the lower recessed areas sandblasted for added visual impact as well.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins come in two varieties. Soft enamel pins are easily the most popular product in the custom lapel marketplace. Their fabrication process is similar to die struck pins, except instead of sandblasting, or silver and gold plating, the recessed areas of the pin are coloured using enamel paint. The enamel then settles into all of the grooves as the pin slowly air dries. Allowing the paint to settle creates a distinct visual appeal. Since the metal die employs raised borders, the combination of texture and color give the pins their characteristic three-dimensional effect.

Hard enamel pins are made in almost exactly the same way except that heat is applied during the enamel hardening process. This creates a smooth and polished look and leaves the paint and the metal borders of the die on the same level. The extra drying process makes hard enamel pins slightly more expensive than their soft enamel counterparts. However, most customers find they are worth the extra money, particularly when they are intended as gifts for employees or valued clients.

Die Cast Pins

Die cast lapel pins are much less common than die struck and enamel pins. This is because their creation process is more complex, which raises their price significantly. Die cast pins are made by creating a mould of the desired design, then pouring hot metal into it. As a result, much more complicated designs and completely custom shapes can be replicated accurately and effectively. If a clear silhouette is essential to the design of the pin, die casting is the way to go.

Printed Finish Pins

Printed finish lapel pins are created by placing an offset printed design onto vinyl, then covering the whole thing with a clear dome. Companies or organizations with extremely complicated and difficult-to-replicate logos sometimes find this method is more practical. It is also a better fit for art that requires the replication of a good deal of detail or colour gradients for each pin. Unlike both die cast and die struck pins, there is no metal line between the different colours.

Placing an Order

Once customers have chosen what type of lapel pin they would like to create, the next step is for them to call us to request a quote. Anyone who is still uncertain about which production method will produce the best results for the best price can speak with one of our expert custom pin designers. The design process is free, although there may be an additional moulding charge depending on the type of pin chosen. Once the design is completed, our team will send it directly to the customer's email for approval. Revisions are also free, so don't be afraid to request any important changes prior to placing the final order.

Once the order has been put into production, customers need only wait for their new lapel pins to be delivered straight to their doorsteps. What could be easier?