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With our very own manufacturing facility and a complete in house design studio you would be crazy to look elsewhere for your custom promotional keychains. Our team are on standby to assist you with your requirements, and our prices can't be matched within Australia. Browse below and select your style, from there simply use our quick contact form (right) to request a fast written quote.


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The Origin of Custom Keychains

The unassuming but ubiquitous keychain. How did it come about, and how does it now live in every crevice of modern living? From cultures far and wide, from the school child who attaches one to his bag, to the granny who uses one to secure her secret cake pantry key, keychains are in their billions. It was not until Linus Yale invented the cyclinder lock in 1848, and mass produced inexpensive locks that keys were carried by the general population. So around that time, keychains started to gain popularity. One of the earliest souvenir keychains dates back to the World's Fair in Chicago, 1893.Typical designs today, include leather objects, replicas, stuffed toys and metal logos. Some really inventive ones involve flashdrives, laser lights, digital photo frames or even Swiss army knives.

You will find millions of keychain designs in many stores. The items commonly attached to keychains is almost endless. There are bottle openers, carabiners, credit cards, trolley coins, compasses, electronic games, Kubotans: which is a rather handy self defence keychain weapon. Users must exercise moral responsibility and use only in self defence and not in a fit of shopping rage when your ankles have been hacked for the second time by an ignorant fellow trolley user, as tempting as that may be.

Let us continue the list of what you can find on the end of a keychain. There are lanyards, lighters, logos, loyalty program cards, membership cards, nail clippers, personal sirens (a more passive aggressive approach than Kubotans when in shopping centres), rabbit feet, tape measures, whistles, deep breath and watches.

In the 1920s Henry Ford mass-produced the motor-car and created the massive automotive industry, and very soon after, the first car was stolen. This tendency to steal forced Ford to use a Yale style locking mechanism to secure his creation, and that in turn, must have upped the sales of keychains. Keychains soon became a popular way to advertise companies, brands and logos.