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Wearable Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Belt Buckles & Accessories

Corporate accessories that spread your brand message? That’s a slice of genius. Most companies choose t-shirts, baseball caps and ties to promote their name and their message, but The Pin Factory goes one better with wearable metal accessories such as cufflinks, tie bars and even our very own creation the metal pocket badge. Browse our metal promotional wearables below and contact us for a free written quote and a no obligation virtual mock up of your design.

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Custom Metal Accessories As Uniform, Staff Gifts Or Giveaways.

If there is one area of the world of metal wearables that is making a comeback, it’s cufflinks. There is an elegance that comes with wearing cufflinks to events, weddings and even around the office.

Custom Logo Cufflinks

Cufflinks that can be customised to your brand image and logo, tie clips and bars customised to give that corporate mixer the professional look that you’re aiming for, the unique choice of using metal is kicking up a storm. Brand awareness is a big fight for many companies, but if you and your staff learn to wear your company on your sleeve – literally – you’re going to turn heads, drum up conversation and really reach the people who matter the most. So, how can your wearable metal be worn for success?

Brand Promotion

Companies everywhere put on annual events or take part in tradeshows and exhibitions purely to show their brand off to the world. What better way to show your brand to potential clients and prospective customers, than by having your staff wear your name? Not only will people subconsciously be seeing the name of your brand all day long, they’re going to be admiring custom cufflinks all at the same time.

Corporate Gifting

Remember earlier when we said that going to trade shows was a thing for most companies? Well, if you chose instead to grace your corporate Christmas list with something a little more unique – say, customised tie bars for the client of choice – they’re going to remember your company over anyone else.

People will ask them where they got those awesome tie bars and you can tell them that The Pin Company can make customised, coloured tie bars with the company logo of choice stamped in. these are then presented in branded boxes for maximum effect.


Everywhere you go, uniforms are worn in the workplace. Your own staff may well use uniforms in their roles. If you are presenting them with cufflinks complete with brand name, or custom tie bars, you’re going to have them facing the public and clients looking smart and professional. Wearable metals aside, this is so important for your brand image.

When it comes to cufflinks, there are several occasions where a gentleman would wear a dress shirt, and if you’ve got a sales team working in the field, wearing your brand on the wrist doesn’t just open up your brand to everyone, it’s going to be visible. Professional attire is a must in the workplace and these custom cufflinks can bring about a formality that is unique to every other company in your industry.

Staff Incentives

When you are an established brand with an unrivalled reputation, you need a hook for your staff; something for them to work for. Recognition rings give them that something to work for. Custom, branded rings are a very powerful symbol that their achievements and hard work have been recognised. The presentation of one of these rings could be an entire event, marking years of service or for reaching a difficult goal. You could customise it with the year of the award, level of achievement and the date of the ceremony. There’s nothing like a little recognition!

Rank Recognition

When you work in a large corporation, or you’re simply holding an outdoor event with staff helping you to wait on people and manage tables, you need a way for people to tell who’s who and whether their query can be answered by the person they are speaking to. Custom tie clips can from The Pin Company can help people to differentiate between staffing ranks, so that they can get the best help that they need when they need it. It also looks stunning on a staff uniform!

Staff Love Them!

Lastly, the best reason you should consider buying custom wearable metals for your staff? They love it! It’s far nicer to receive something personalised that recognises their achievements, gives them something beautiful to wear and can make them feel like they are a part of an exclusive company that cares about their staff image. Custom tie bars, tie clips and cufflinks are small and yet effective as a marketing tool and a way to improve staff motivation.

Sometimes, the brilliant things with the biggest impact come in little packages. Why haven’t you ordered yours yet?

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