Craftsman Aviation Keyring

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Custom Name Badges

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The craftsman aviation keyring is a stainless steel disk equipped with four different size slotted screwdriver heads. Attach to your keys as these are ideal to keep on you at all times. This can get you out of some tricky spots. Custom brand with your logo or business details, ideal to give out to staff & customers. Enquire today for a 100% free no-obligation quote & virtual sample

Branding Method Explained

A Brilliant effect and by far our most popular style of metal finishing. We mould your design into the shape of the keyring and then fill various sectors of the design with colour matched enamel to create a vibrant, extremely long-lasting and durable finish. The difference between raised enamel and flat enamel is that these badges have an almost 3d look, with the raised section that are polished or sandblasted to create a more defined finish.

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