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Interested in custom tokens or coins for your business? The pin factory has what you need. By creating a design that’s unique for your company, you’ve got your own bespoke coin that can be used for a variety of purposes such as gift redemption, membership programs, special offers and more.

All of our tokens are available with the same awesome range of options as our lapels pins, keyrings and other metal products - Just ask our team for a no obligation quote!


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Custom tokens for a range of uses

There are a lot of great uses for custom metal coins and tokens. They are ideal as game tokens for arcades, fairground rides and slots, but they can also be used for drinks tokens, lockers and so much more. Having your own custom coins can be a great way of promoting your business, as well as provide practical uses.

Custom coins can also be used for awards, commemorative events, giveaways and more. Featuring your own custom design, you’ll have your own unique tokens that represent your business. 

Metal tokens in a range of finishes

Our custom metal coins are available in a range of finishes, with each one made to the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for gold coins or something a little more colourful, we can deliver.

Custom metal coins and tokens from The Pin Factory

The Pin Factory provides custom design services to create your unique product. We provide high-quality design and manufacturing, with Australia’s best price and turnaround time. With incredible customer service added in, the The Pin Factory is your top choice for custom coins, pins and more.

Contact us today for a free quote and no obligation design preview.

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