Custom Cut Glass Trophies

Gift your staff or clients a thank you gift, or present podium finishers with a truly modern and unique cut crystal trophies with your event details & sponsors branded to the front & back. These are can be cut to your specifications and made to your order. They promote your business while motivating staff and giving them something to work towards. Pictures truly don't do these trophies justice, they are outstanding in their quality and will truly shine when placed on someones desk, mantle, or around the office.

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Branding method explained

Laser engraving, 3d internal engraving, printing, inverted printing (shown), coloured glass sections available.

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Custom made to order

Glass Trophies are Affordable and Look Fantastic

Available with almost unlimited options, glass trophies are an excellent way to recognize staff members for their excellence, show clients they’re appreciated, teach team members they’re doing a great job, or for numerous other reasons. When you’re looking for an award or trophy to give away, glass is an affordable and stunning option to choose. Glass can be custom cut and etched to create the perfect trophy for any occasion.

History of Trophies

During the Olympic games in ancient Roman and Greek times, trophies were given only to the winners. These trophies were simple laurel wreathes but could include money as well. Later, in the Middle Ages, chalices were created and used to award those who won sports competitions like racing horses. In fact, the oldest sports trophy is one given for winning a horse race in the late 1500’s.

Though chalices are still given for sports awards, there are now many other types of awards available today and they can be given for many different reasons. Glass awards have become popular in recent years because of their beauty and because they can easily be customized for the occasion. Glass can be cut to a certain shape to showcase a sport or other activity or cut to a standard shape for a clean look and they can easily be etched with the name and date of the award-giving occasion.

Benefits of Staff Awards

Employees who are recognized for their achievements and hard work are more likely to work harder in the future and are more likely to be loyal to the business. While pay raises and promotions are an excellent way to show appreciation of an employee, glass awards are perfect when an employee has really stepped up to the challenge or has done something above and beyond for the business.

The awards can also be used for employees that have been with the business for a number of years, showing an appreciation for the hard work they’ve done throughout their work. When employees receive glass trophies for their hard work, they can easily see how important they are to the business.

Benefits of Client Awards

Glass awards are an affordable option for businesses that want to give something to their clients. With the customization available, they can create an award that’s going to show the clients just how important they are to the business. These awards are an excellent way for the business to say thank you to the clients and to show them how much their business is appreciated. This is perfect for any of a number of different situations, including as a special surprise for customers that make an early order of products or customers who make a larger purchase.

Benefits of Participation Trophies

Participation in sports can help children achieve better grades, be in better condition, and help them have higher self-esteem. However, participation isn’t enough for many kids. Younger children especially want to know they’re doing a good job and might be thrilled by getting a trophy. Participation trophies are often used for young children who are not yet learning about playing to win or for sports where there is no winner, just a team who works on something together. Glass trophies encourage them to continue participating, continue trying, and show them that they’re part of a special group that has a lot of fun together.

Choose Custom Options for Trophies

Glass awards and trophies can be completely customized to meet the needs of your business. Colored glass, laser engraving, 3-D internal graving, and printing are all different options you’ll want to look into when you’re considering what you want the trophy to look like. We can help with the design to ensure it looks amazing and the recipients are going to love it. Our trophies are all high-quality and are going to look great wherever the recipient decides to place it. Check out custom packaging options as well to provide a special box to the recipient that will help them keep their glass award safe.

Perfect for a huge number of different situations, our glass trophies and awards are definitely something to consider for your business. Whether you’re giving them to team members, employees, or customers, the recipients are going to appreciate the award and know how important they are to your business. Check out all of the customization options today to start designing the perfect glass trophy for your needs. We’ll create the awards out of high-quality materials and ensure they arrive at your doorstep on time.