5 Reasons Why Promotional Merchandise is Still Good for Brand Promotion in 2018

5 Reasons Why Promotional Merchandise is Still Good for Brand Promotion in 2018

Right now, 7 in 10 marketers use promotional merchandise for brand promotion. Surprised? Even in the digital age, tangible goods are still a great way to promote your brand.

Merchandise such as umbrellas, badges, pens, and clothing are all an incredibly effective and cost-efficient way to promote your brand. Want to know why?

Read on for five reasons why promotional merchandise is exactly the thing you need!

1. Promotional Merchandise Leaves an Impression

Promotional merchandise is a great way to generate impressions for your brand. This impression means that more people spend time looking at and thinking about your brand.

When someone has a badge, bag, hat, pen, or something else they display or use often, that lets them, and potentially other people, see your brand.

This can add up to thousands of impressions for your brand over the lifetime of the promotional good making it very effective.

2. Promotional Merchandise is Cost-Effective

You may be concerned about spending your marketing budget on items that you just give away, but promotional merchandise is actually a very cost-effective method of brand promotion.

When taking into account the impressions that promotional merchandise can generate, the cost of using branded merchandise ends up being quite reasonable.

3. People Will Keep Them Longer

Think about how quickly someone might click away from a digital banner ad, or worse, block them entirely. Tangible promotional merchandise avoids this problem and allows people to see your brand more for longer.

When someone has an item they can hold and use, they tend to keep it longer. This means more times they are seeing and thinking about your brand.

This makes for excellent brand promotion!

4. People Will Give Them Away

Not only do people tend to keep tangible promotional merchandise for longer, they will also give them to other people rather than throw them away.

Talk about brand ambassadors! You will have people spreading your brand around simply because they have something they used that someone else might be able to use.

Don’t think that your promotional merchandise will just end up in a landfill. That simply isn’t the case.

5. It Promotes Brand Loyalty

Let’s be honest, everyone likes getting free stuff. A small gift with your brand logo on it will associate the happy feeling of getting something for free with your brand.

If it’s something of high quality, even better! They will associate that quality with your brand, and begin to believe that your brand promotes quality throughout.

Nothing builds brand loyalty like a piece of free promotional merchandise.

People will like receiving it, using it, and they will associate those good feelings with your brand!

Promotional Merchandise is a Key Part of Brand Promotion

Promotional merchandise is more relevant than ever in the digital age. It builds impressions at an incredibly cost-effective rate. People will hang on to them, give them to their friends later, and it will bring new customers to your business.

If you’re ready to see an increase in your sales through the use of brand promotion materials, contact us today for more information!