5 Unique Promotional Items Ideas For Your Small Business

5 Unique Promotional Items Ideas For Your Small Business

Are you going to a trade show soon?

Preparing to host an event at your office or launch a new product? If so, you need the best promotional items ideas in order to truly make the most of these initiatives.

Promotional items help you create memorable experiences for customers. In fact, the best ones continue to create special moments long after you’ve given someone their new promotional item.

Here are five ideas to consider using for your next marketing campaign or event.

1. Stress Balls

It’s time to swap out lanyards and pens and start using stress balls instead. Traditional promotional product ideas used to work because they were practical; business people can never have too many pens, and it’s nice to have a lanyard at conferences.

But, the thing is these promotional items are nothing new. If you show up with these, you risk getting lost in a sea of other business’ promotional tools that are the exact same.

To stick with a practical theme but still have some fun, get stress balls. Everyone has a little beat of stress hit them throughout the day and your stress ball will be just the trick they need to unwind.

2. Coupons

Another effective way to use promotional items is to turn them into coupons. Put a special offer on the back of your event ticket for the next thing you host.

Or, hand out coupons to everyone who visits your booth at something you attend. This can be as small as a 10% or 15% offer, but it makes a big difference.

badge3. Pins and Buttons

Pins and buttons are where you really start to think outside the box. These are fun, interesting ways to create user experiences.

A person can put a pin on their event tag or a button on their backpack. They’ll often leave it there for a while, then notice your pin again at a later time. This refreshes their memory about who you are and what you do, often working as the trigger to encourage them to find out more about your business.

4. T-Shirts and Hats

What’s more fun than a cute custom pin? A free t-shirt! People love free t-shirts.

Seriously, from college students to convention goers and even potential partners, a free t-shirt is a wonderful and unexpected gesture. This makes a person feel special and helps build a strong relationship in B2C and B2B interactions.

5. Canvas Bags

Last but not least, consider ordering a few company canvas bags. After all, where is a person supposed to put all the other promotional items you hand out?

Not to mention, many people will be grateful that you have a solution for all the things they’ll end up carrying at an event. Between their water bottle, all the brochures and pamphlets, the various promotional items and more, consumers will be glad you thought of the one thing they really need.

Make Promotional Items Ideas Come to Life

It’s one thing to know what kind of promotional items ideas you need to invest in, and another to actually have all your items ready to go. To get production in motion and prepare for your upcoming event or special occasion, click here. Enquire today and get a FREE Quote and Virtual Mock-Up, you also can email [email protected] to enquire

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